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We are SubsCrab — a tracker for your subscriptions to keep your recurring expenses up-to-date.
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Add a subscription from the catalog, or create and add your own.
5 000
Popular global services are listed in our catalog
20 000
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Add a subscription from the catalog
Create and add your own
Subscription analytics
When are my renewal dates?
See when your subscriptions renew in our interactive calendar.
How much am I spending?
View your subscription expenses broken down by week, month or year. Or in different currencies.
How do my costs vary over time?
Keep track of month-by-month spending to stay in control of your budget.
Get renewal alerts
Set up push notifications for your renewal dates, so you can cancel unwanted subscriptions — before payment is taken!
The app will scan your mail and find all subscriptions registered to it.
Works with Gmail and all other email services. Completely secure: the app stores only the subscription information.
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